Our Vision

Our vision is to connect everyone around the world with English. We are passionate about providing excellent, affordable and effective English language learning solutions that will help make the world a little smaller. At Lingo Media, we care about your learning success because your success is our success!

Meeting changing needs with innovative solutions

Lingo Media has been continually acquiring, developing and refining flexible and innovative English language learning solutions to meet the changing needs of language learning. The versatile range of our educational products include fully online or computer-based lessons and activities, enrichment features, print materials, teachers’ materials, and sophisticated assessment tools to ensure learners meet their objectives.

We get results!

Through our courses, more than 20 million learners in more than 10 countries have significantly improved their English language skills. They are successfully connecting and communicating with other English speakers around the world.

Empowered Learners Approach

We put our learners first. We provide all the necessary tools and support learners need to achieve extraordinary results, while enabling them to work at their own pace. As a result, our learners develop into skillful, confident and independent communicators in English. Our innovative approach combines best-practice theory with the latest technology, creating a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Speech Recognition

One of the biggest challenges in learning to speak English can be limited opportunity to interact with other English speakers. Our virtual conversation tool in our Speaking Lab enables learners to participate in a simulated scenario with an avatar before engaging in a conversation with a human partner. This unique technology can only be found in our programs.

Content Customization

Our content has been developed to meet the needs of our global users. However, many of our partners have special needs or individual requirements. We have a dedicated team that works with each partner individually to ensure we develop the right content to help your learners succeed.

Flexible and Multi-Cultural Solutions

We understand that people do business in different ways in different parts of the world. We work with our partners to find flexible solutions based on cultural and regional needs and requirements.

User Experience

We have created an easy-to-use, interactive experience that enables learners to focus on what’s important: learning English. Our innovative technology provides guidance and feedback at every step of the way.