All of our language learning solutions – including Scholar, Business ,Master and Kids – use state-of-the art components designed to assist learners with their pronunciation and conversation skills.



Speak2Me, an innovative solution that addresses the need for an automatic, computer-based conversation practice tool.

Speak2Me simulates life-like conversations using an avatar that reacts to the learners’ input. Learners listen, record themselves and receive feedback. Speak2Me uses state-of-the-art speech recognition, avatars and Flash technologies.


Traditional speech recognition programs only detect pronunciation problems at the word level, and return feedback only for a whole word. Learners don’t know what part of the word is being pronounced incorrectly.

The Studio is an automatic, computer-based language tool developed to improve English pronunciation. Learners listen to examples of native speaker pronunciation and then receive feedback on their own pronunciation as they practice their English-language skills.

The Studio’s state-of-the-art speech recognition can detect mispronunciation of single phonemes (sounds). This allows users to pinpoint the exact problem they have with any given sound. Instant color-coded feedback shows the learner which phonemes have been pronounced incorrectly.

the studio