Our publishing business, Lingo Learning, is a publisher of leading educational text books and learning tools. These resources are distributed with the express purpose of making teaching English easy!

Our respected educational resources bring students and teachers across China together with:

  • A wide range of popular textbooks, and supplemental learning components to teach/learn English
  • Proven pedagogy with content developed by leading educational experts
  • 350 program titles and components to choose from – for pre-school to post-secondary students
overseas success story


Lingo Learning is a success story overseas. Our popular and well-established line of learning resources, co-published in partnership with People’s Education Press, include PEP Primary English and Starting Line series, currently used by more than 60% of primary school students in China.


In our years of publishing educational titles, Lingo Learning has published and distributed more than 350 program titles. With so many titles in our range, Lingo Learning has co-published more than 520 million units with plenty of growth still to come.

millions of units


How have our millions of units in sales created long-lasting shareholder value? Find out inside our investor portal.