Michael Kraft Interviewed by Uptick Media

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Lingo Media CEO Michael Kraft recently took the time to sit down with Stu Taylor from Uptick media to talk about the EdTech business, recent developments, and the company’s outlook on the market for English language learning.

Some of the highlights include;

The company’s origins as a textbook publishing company, and its transition into an EdTech company through acquisitions and development. (2:15)

Lingo Media’s focus on enterprise solutions, and a strategy that includes marketing those solutions to educational and professional institutions. Lingo focuses on the top tiers of organizations, preferring to market, for example, to education ministries responsible for various other sub-organizations. Many corporations are also making investments in educating their workforces in English. The strategy has already seen success, producing contracts with SENA and the Peruvian Navy. (3:18)

The importance of scalability in software, and the margin advantage of a low cost of goods that comes with an already-developed product. (4:23)

The company’s strategy for taking on the $56 billion global market for English language learning, and the reasons Latin America is the current focus and Asia the company’s next focus (5:40).

The flexibility of the software, and that flexibility’s role in making the the products applicable to multiple markets (6:58).

A financial snapshot of the company (8:38).