Lingo Media Featured in Investors’ Digest


Investors Digest’s Mike Kachanovsky took some time to learn about Lingo Media, and has written an excellent overview.

His article correctly points out that Lingo Media is a profitable, revenue-generating company that has positioned itself to take advantage of growth in the English learning market. Read the whole article here.

Kachanovsky assesses the market:

Of the $56 billion plus that was reportedly spent worldwide on language learning in 2013, a big chunk was spent learning English.

In fact, the number of people who now want to do so is estimated to top two billion. So, yes, there’s money to be made – particularly in combining educational content with technology for the efficient delivery of learning products and programs.

He goes on to outline the company’s recent acquisitions of key EdTech providers and licensed content libraries, and the importance of customizable content in targeting market share:

The proprietary software and content, now available, enables users in any country to use diversified content to learn English.

Put another way, content can be matched to the cultural traits of a particular region, or to the specific needs of a corporate client.

For example, air traffic controllers in, say, Asia, would want to ensure the English they learn is precise and clear.

By contrast, elementary school teachers would want to be taught English that would be appropriate for students in grades one to six.

Potential new clients for lingo include government agencies, corporations, universities and school boards. Lingo’s business model mimics that of other software-as-a-service companies.

The whole article really is worth the read, and the company is pleased that the press is starting to take notice of the years of development the Company has done that is now being commercialized with early success. While this article doesn’t mean that Lingo Media is Investors’ Digest ESL recommendation, we’re thrilled to be gaining recognition.