Our training solutions teach students, and workers in the private and public sectors around the world how to listen and understand English in all forms of technical communication – reading, writing, listening and speaking.

ELL Technologies’ product suite offers:

  • Contextual-based training – to master the nuances of different cultures, business and living environments
  • Achievement tests to reinforce learning, measure progress and practice skills
  • Compliance with SCORM – for easy integration and reporting
  • Many levels of dynamic, vibrant and interactive lessons from kindergarten students to adult learners
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Lingo Media has been continually acquiring, developing and refining flexible and innovative English language learning solutions to meet the changing needs of language learning. Our diverse range of educational products include fully online or computer-based lessons and activities, enrichment features, print materials, teachers’ materials, and sophisticated assessment tools.


Through our courses, more than 20 million learners in more than 10 countries have significantly improved their English language skills. They are connecting and communicating with other English speakers around the world.

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One of the biggest challenges in learning to speak English can be limited opportunity to interact with other English speakers. Our virtual conversation tool in our Speaking Lab enables learners to participate in a simulated scenario with an avatar before engaging in a conversation with a real life partner. This unique technology can only be found in our programs.

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