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Exhilarating online learning - open to all!

Join our free online community and learn English interactively with us!

Speak2Me, our popular social learning website invites any individual or student in China to:

  • Stay engaged and improve English -- with hundreds of lively lessons taught by a virtual teacher
  • Master the nuances of English through exciting social interaction
  • Join a motivated online network of peers
  • Experience leading-edge speech recognition technology

"One of the most interesting things I've seen in years."

                                                         Carolyn Convey, Director, Interactive Services at Ogilvy 


Witness hundreds of lessons come alive with avatar teachers and the latest speech recognition technology.

No lesson fees. No dry, regimented curriculums, and no end to the excitement and vibrant interaction students experience at Speak2Me. Our unique web service allows individuals from around the world to learn English quickly and enjoyably as part of an enthusiastic virtual community - with instruction from engaging avatar teachers.

Our free Speak2Me community is a revolution in online English learning. In addition to fully-immersive, multimedia learning, the site enables real-time peer interaction, making it a captivating English instruction and social environment for everyone.

Powerful and original advertising opportunity
Rather than charging our students/members, we have developed a Conversational Advertising™ component. Advertisers can embed custom-branded advertising modules within the site - a unique media opportunity to reach a young, motivated student public.